What’s in my bag ? || Sept ’17
What’s in my bag ? || Sept ’17
What’s in my bag ? || Sept ’17
What’s in my bag ? || Sept ’17
What’s in my bag ? || Sept ’17
What’s in my bag ? || Sept ’17
What’s in my bag ? || Sept ’17

Hello peeps 🙂


I enjoy more and more making this posts for you guys and for me aswell because I can go back to them anytime and see what I have enjoyed at a certain moment and compare it to what I like now. Anyway, I’m just about to start writing this down and I am already talking about me, me , me. For this post I have been thinking about making something interesting and new for my blog. So I thought I would do the well known ” What’s in my bag ? “. I really enjoy reading this type of posts or watching them on Youtube and I thought it might be interesting to do one myself.

Now, I am not a girl that likes to use an expensive bag/backpack on a daily basis. So my picks won’t be some extravagant ones, wich personally I think it is great for the ones who would like to get a new bag/backpack without spending a mini fortune on them. Well, at least I like this kind of picks. I am currently using 2 type of bags and I am gonna show you both of them because the truth is I switch them almost everyday. They are also 2 different styles so it depends on wich mood I am in on that day. Both of them are from Stradivarius. I am obsessed with their merch at the moment.

The first one is my trusty black backpack. Nothing too out there but it does the job and I love it. I use this every time I have a much more casual day or outfit and honestly it literally goes with everything. It has 2 small zip pockets on the front, one small zip secret pocket inside and the a big space to use. The next one is my embroidered shoulder bag. I am obsessed with this one. It is soo gorgeous and elegant and it is  the final touch to my outfit. I use it when I like to make a little bit more of an effort with my outfit or when I what to transform it from casual to a much fancier one. These are my two loves at the moment. Obviously I can’t put all the things from my backpack in my shoulder one but I’m gonna mention those aswell.

  1. So the first 2 things you will find in my bag are my wallet and my keys. The wallet is also from Stradivarius and it is a black one with a cat print/shape. I love a unique design for my wallets so this represents me very well. I keep in it my card, my money,my ID and other bits and pieces like my driving license or my discount cards.
  2. The next thing you will find in my bag is my phone. I currently own an Iphone 6s gold. Althought I achieved to break the glass from my screen I still love it and it find that it suits my needs the best. The case I use now is from Bershka but I tend to switch them regularly. I get bored of them quickly.
  3. Chewing gum is something that I try to make sure never leaves my bag. I have a habit with chewing gum. Every time I drink, eat or smoke I need a chewing gum, wich leads me to the next thing in my bag: my cigarettes.
  4. Sadly I am a smoker so you will fin a lighter too. I am not an addict though but I have to admit I quite enjoy smoking. I know it is bad for me so I try at the moment to minimize that.
  5. Makeup wise, I don’t keep too much makeup in my bag because it takes soo much space and I often end up not using it at all. So the 2 makeup bits I have in my bag are my concealer ( Maybelline Fit me ) and my lipstick ( Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid ). That’s all, just in case I need a retouch throughout the day. I also keep a little pink hair brush with a mirror. Because I have thin hair  I need to brush it every now and then and the fact that it always have a mirror makes it a must.
  6. If I use the backpack I would normally have with me my deodorant ( Rexona ) and my perfume, but if I use my shoulder bag I would try to use a mini roller perfume (but I have to be honest, I tend to take my perfume with me sometimes even if I use my shoulder bag. The perfume I take with me is my Avon Sensuelle one. I am scared of taking my ” precious” perfumes with me in case I break them so I tend to buy a cheaper but good one to carry along with me.
  7. Because fall is already here and my nose has a mind of its own I have to take with me a pack of tissues. The ones I really enjoy are the Zewa Deluxe with Camomile. Speaking about hygiene I also have a  Cien hand sanitizer  everywhere I go. I hate touching my face with  dirty hands or having them anywhere near my skin.
  8. My music is essential for me so leaving the house without a pair of hadphones is a disaster. I normally put them in before I leave the house, to make sure I have those on me and I take them out when I arrive. The phone charger is also with me but just in case I am using my backpack because I don’t have that much space in my white bag.
  9. And the final thing I have in my bag are some painkillers. Nothing is much worse than having a hadache or a period pain and not having something to chill that out. Especially if you are at Uni, in class or everywhere in public. So I keep those wih me along with a spare tampon. The painkillers I reach for the most are the Nurofen ones, but it depends on what I have at home at that moment and the tampons I use are from Bella.

Mainly these are the things I would have in my bag along with a tone of receipts and some coins lost in there. Let’s face it, we all have those in our bags. It is nothing out of the normal but they are my picks. I enjoy seeing what people take with them in their bags and I get great ideas from those posts/videos or tricks on how to fit them all in a small place. Those are the best.

So I hope you enjoyed this type of  post too because I sure did. Remember this is not paid. Make sure you subscribe to this blog if you are interested in more posts like this one. Leave also a comment down below mentioning what you would be interested in seeing on this blog and also check the other posts too maybe you find something that captures your attention.

I’m so happy that you visited my blog, that you read my posts and I hope I will see you again here soon.