Hey guys 🙂


Fancy seeing you again here. Exams are done! Oh my God, can you believe it ? Because I still feel like I am dreaming. Now that the holiday just started, in true ” myself ” tradition, I hurt my knee and I kinda have a little trouble walking. So, that’s not fun! But I will be just fine in a couple of days. I would love to know how are you celebrating the fact that exams are done, if you are student, or if you miss that part of your live, if you are a full on adult ? Please let me know. Laying here in bed, I realized that Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I for sure am excited.

Valentine’s day ?

When it comes to this topic, I know that the world is divided in 2 big categories :

  1. those who love celebrations like this one
  2. those who hate them.

Pretty simple, right ? Let me be clear on this one : I do not think that love needs a certain day to be celebrated! But I think that it is very cute that there is a day of the year dedicated to it. As there is a day dedicated for you, on your birthday, for your country, for the women, etc. That doesn’t mean those are not important during all year around. They are just pretty important things in our lives that deserve a special day just for them. At least, this is my point of you and I’m respecting anyone else’s opinion.

Anyway, moving further, I know that this time around everybody gets to spent so much time on their devices looking for gift guides, celebration ideas, movies, surprises,etc. Anything that means romance in one word. I have to be honest here, I do myself find those articles interesting and really helpful actually. So I thought it was just fair to make a top 7 Valentine’s day blog post ideas that I reach for the most and about whom I’m going to do a blog post just before the ” big day “. That means you’ll need to stay around for more.

Maybe this will give you a hint of inspiration, if you a blogger like me and you need a little bit of inspiration. Or if you are just a simple reader of my blog , in which case: thank you, and you wanna get inspired or you are just curious. Let’s see if we enjoy reading about the same stuff :

  1. Be original. Cook for your date
  2. A must ( movie ) to see on your special night
  3. A good wine needs knowledge
  4. Crafty Valentine’s gifts for the heart
  5. Does this night give you courage ?
  6. Take his breath away
  7. Road trip!

Musical time!

I don’t wanna keep you on the edge too much and because I think that this post so far is too short, nothing like my other ones, I am going to share with you my ” must ” (movie) to see on our special night.

So, if you like movies and cinema and you don’t live under a rock, you for sure heard about this new, amazing musical ” The greatest showman “. Or, if you are like me and you can’t wait when it comes to a musical, you’d already seen it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is the official trailer and a little description of this big phenomenon, just so that I don’t get to write a novel about it on this post. I know it is not really the most romantic movie to watch on your lovely night but trust me, you’ll love it as much as she/he will. And to be honest, it is based on a love story after all. If you’re not into musicals and you think you’ll hate it, just give it a try, maybe it will surprise you.

The music theme is just amazing, I have it one repeat ever since I heard it for the first time, the story is deep and real and the cast is just on point. I couldn’t imagine anyone in those roles other than this cast. I could stay and ramble, trying to convince you of how amazing this is for hours, but that is not the point. You just need to see it, honestly. It it a love it or hate it kind of movie. So I figured that a special movie should be seen on a special night. We’ll for sure watch it and I think that you just can not go wrong with it.

What to choose?

The truth is, that with romantic movies there is a thin line between success and disaster. If it goes too cheesy and deep, you might get yourself in a bad comparison,  but also if it is a mediocre one, made just for the hell of it and just so commercial, you may also get to be judge for not giving it your best try. So I admit it. It might be really hard to please your partner, regardless of it’s gender. That is why you need to find a balance, a great made movie with a solid and real story line. Not too much but not too little. And I’ve choose this one.

I’m going to stop here, the rest is up to you. I am really looking forward to read all your reaction and thoughts, which I would love to see in the comment section, down bellow. I would also really love to know what are your plans for Valentine’s day? What are you up to ? Are you single and rockin’ it? Or if you are in a relationship, do you even celebrate Valentine’s day ?

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I really hope you enjoyed  this concoction between 2 post ideas ( related, to be fair ) and I will see you next week, same place. Hope you’ll a great weekend !