Hello peeps 🙂

Guys, I just can’t believe it… december is almost here, Christmas is just around the corner and today is already Thanksgiving. Now, if I am going to be completely honest, here in my country, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Wich, if you ask me is a total shame. That is why I decided that this year I’m gonna do some research and try to personalize one ” holiday ” of that kind for us. I have been looking for recipes, specific drinks, traditions and anything that would help me get the inspiration I needed.

And then I decided to do a blog post about my top picks for this mini shindig and tell you shortly how I am gonna do it.

So, food wise I am gonna do just a simple turkey roast with some mash potatoes mixed with boiled vegs and the recipe I’ll use is from : http://allrecipes.com/video/327/how-to-prep-and-roast-turkey/?internalSource=videocard&referringId=198&referringContentType=recipe%20hub. Easy peasy.

Because where I live the classic eggnog is not such a popular drink I decided to play safe with some bubbly or mulled wine.

I absolutely love holidays like this because it is a strong reason to gather all your family in one place for the day/night and do something fun together. When it comes to me and my family, we are a competitive one, so a board game every now and then is pretty normal, especially at reunions. Here are some great ideas for Thanksgiving or every other occasion : Monopoly, Uno, Conquizstador, Poker, Mr Speed, Jenga and these are just a few that popped my mind quickly.

I know almost nothing about Thanksgiving but I am gonna do my best, try every year,reasearch more and more until I can do it right.

For those of you out there that are Thanksgiving lovers and you always celebrate it good, here are some traditions I found and some I thought that might me fun to keep wich you may or may not know about :

  1. Pray together
  2. Serve a home cooked meal
  3. Have a little downtime before the gathering
  4. Make a toast, every one of you
  5. Remeber those who are gone
  6. Spread joy and happiness
  7. Decorate your house
  8. Share your wishes
  9. Be childish, play games
  10. And most important, spend as much time as you can together

    And that, my friends, are some of my ideas and my goals for this Thanksgiving. If you wanna share with us your traditions or your ideas feel free to help. Hope you enjoy it. Keep in mind that this is not paid, these are my personal thoughts and ideas. Also keep an eye open for my Christmasphere, coming soon.

    Feel free to visit my youtube channel as well, at @myunisphere, because I uploaded some videos there just for fun. Remember I just started. Make sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked it, subscribe if you wanna see me attempt to evolve at this ” video/blog ” stuff and till Tuesday, have a warm weeknd.