Quick breakfast idea
Quick breakfast idea
Quick breakfast idea
Quick breakfast idea
Quick breakfast idea
Quick breakfast idea

Hello peeps 🙂


First of all, I hope you are all having an amazing week so far and if you live in a zone where autumn is already installed then I hope you are enjoying it. Every succesful day starts with a great morning and a delicious breakfast. Even if we would like to have a chef to cook for us every morning, we are not all that lucky. If you have kids or you have a job which requires your presence early in the morning then this post might come in handy for you. I enjoy sleeping, everyone who knows me is aware of that. So when I have to get up early I struggle with everything and if I haven’t had my breakfast I’m much lazy throughout the day. That’s why when I found about this quick,easy and healthy breakfast “recipe” I was more than excited to try it. I love it, I use it almost everyday and I decided I would share it with you.

If you are like me and you don’t really know much about what is best to eat in the morning then I’ll give you a quick reason. Oats are a nutrient-rich food associated with lower blood cholesterol when consumed regularly. From oats you can make a delicious breakfast, porridge, wich is no different from a rice pudding but much more healthier.

Porridge is not soo well known here where I live, but everyone who came to stay at my house really enjoyed this kind of healthy breakfast. Essentially this is a non-sugar breakfast wich can be served in many different ways.

So without further ado these are my favourite way of serving porridge.

You will need :
For porridge
  1. 1 small pot
  2. milk
  3. oats ( I use the Quaker ones)
Flavours :
  1. cacao
  2. cinnamon
  3. raspberry
  4. coconut
  5. or anything else you like

It is soo easy to prepare. I don’t even use measurements. All you have to do is to pour milk, to fill like half of your pot and boil it. Once the milk is boiling, add the oats. I usually tend to put half the amount of milk just because I like my porridge to be thick. Then you have you stir it continuously for about 3-4 min until it is well combined. It literally depends of how much or less oats you wanna put. Once it is all dissolved and combined, pour it in some bowls.

Now comes the fun part. Now you can get creative and start combining the ingredients you like to create the perfect porridge. I would usually go for cacao and coconut/cinnamon or raspberry. But you can do the combo you like : jam and fruits, nutella with nuts, banana with maple syrup, anything you love. Make sure not to have too much sugar on it though because it will lower your chances of a healthy breakfast.

So yeah, this is my ” go to “, ready in 10 min, super healthy breakfast of choice. Trust me, if you find the right combination you’ll love it too.

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I’m so happy that you visited my blog, that you read my posts and I hope I will see you again here soon.