HoHoHo guys ?


We did it guys. We finally got and decorate our Christmas tree and I honestly love it. It is exactly what I wanted for this year. And as you all know by now ( I guess?) this is a midpost so I am not going to ramble too much. I wanted to share with you the theme we went for this year, wich is a combination of white garlands with gold, copper and silver baubbles and warm lights( yes, I need one more garland but if this doesn’t go up now it will never ). And to be honest, it is my favourite one. I don’t really know why but I think that it just makes the living room instantly feel much more cosy and pretty. I have to be honest with you guys, it took a good while till we found the perfect tree for us because I can get quite picky when it comes to Christmas and especially with Christmas tree. We went for a medium size because, sadly, we don’t have the space for a bigger one, but soon … Also, I want to apologize for my painted “window” in the background of the video, I haven’t had time to rub that off so excuse that. But yeah,here it is, I think it is a great one and I love how it all came together with the decorations, the lights and the star on top of everything. I added a lighted gift under it and some chocolate for people to serve themselves when they come around. I also started to wrap my presents so keep an eye open for a Christmas wrapping theme coming very soon.

I want to see your themes for this year as well or if you do not have one then how you chose to decorate your own Christmas tree. I am a really nosy person and I just love stuff like that. So make sure to do that. Make sure to check all the other videos like this one on my Youtube channel. Hope you’ll enjoy the post, the new concept and those huge amounts of festive content. Make sure to get excited for the following one, to share your thoughts, ideas or opinions in the comment section down below or on social media. You can also find me on : Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr and on Youtube as well. So go over, give it a look and show your love and support. Keep in mind that my post/videos are not paid and that I am only a beginner. That will be it guys. Until Tuesday, have a holly jolly week ? .