HoHoHo peeps ?



I wanna start this out by asking you how was your St. Nicholas day ? Have you been a good boy/girl? What presents do you received and what traditions do you follow with your friends or family? I would really like to know.

So here it is ! We finally got the time to go visit our local Christmas market. And let me tell you, they went all out this year. Maybe for some of you this will seem small or not so great but trust me for those in my town, this is the best fair so far. The music was on point, great variety of food/drinks, gifting stands, lights everywhere, ice skating area, big wheel and a great festive feeling. If you ever leak some festive spirit, just go to the nearest Christmas market/fair and you are sorted.

Honestly guys, I was so happy to see that they really made an effort this year and tried harder so the people could really enjoy this time of the year. Because, let’s face it, it is the best one. The most magical. We went with our friends and their little twins and it is pointless to say that the joy of their 2 years old babies made this experience even better. They just kept running around, jumping up and down, dancing, laughing and wanting to explore everything. If I am completely honest, the moment we saw it for the first time, I think that both us, the grown ups and the babies, we looked pretty much the same. Surprised. They, because they never seen so many lights, and us because we weren’t excepting for it to be this pretty.

I tried to capture some shots and I am sorry they are not the best or the most accurate but I was so captivated with everything that all I wanted to do is to really live the moment. But the video is enough to make a large view of the fair, obviously I didn’t wanted to shove my phone in everyone faces so they are not so much closer shots but I really think it captures the main idea of the market.

We ate some melted cheese on toast with jam, natural chips with dips, some pies with nuts and they all tasted amazing. It wouldn’t be a Christmas market experience without some mulled wine. Generally, at these kind of events, the mulled one it is not the best one let’s say, but this one was very up on my street. The orange flavor was so intense and in combination with the hint of cinnamon made me feel so Christmasy.

The truth is that I can’t really find the right words to describe this kind of feeling but if you ever went to a Christmas market, big or small, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. You just have to live the experience to understand it.

So I’ll leave you with this short video. Hope you’ll enjoy the post, the new concept and those huge amounts of festive content. Make sure to get excited for the following one, to share your thoughts, ideas or opinions in the comment section down below or on social media. You can also find me on : Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr and on Youtube as well. So go over, give it a look and show your love and support. Keep in mind that my post/videos are not paid and that I am only a beginner. That will be it guys. Until Tuesday, have a holly jolly week ? .