Life with a puppy (Labrador)
Life with a puppy (Labrador)
Life with a puppy (Labrador)
Life with a puppy (Labrador)
Life with a puppy (Labrador)
Life with a puppy (Labrador)
Life with a puppy (Labrador)
Life with a puppy (Labrador)

Hello peeps 🙂


I’ve decided to write this article mainly because my puppy is one of the main reasons of joy in my life.

Zoey is mine’s and my partner’s puppy. She’s almost 2 years old and she’s the light in our eyes. She’s  a white/gold labrador , gorgeous as you can imagine and very lively. I love her with all my heart and I wouldn’t change a memory that we’ve made togheter BUT  there are certainly things (most of them very obvious) that we didn’t know about having a dog and things that we’ve confronted with during this period of time.

Where do I begin ?!

I’ve been thinking about how to arrange this article to be as coherent as possible, and I’ve decided to go on concrete , pros and cons. Therefore …

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying / Adopting a Dog:

  1. First of all you have to make sure you have the enough space (you don’t want to keep a dog in a small enviroment)
  2. Decide wha size you would like you dog to be
  3. Guest yourself if you want to buy or adopt (there are so many souls who also need a home)
  4. Make sure you have the necessary budget (Dogs require a lot of care. They are like babies. Plus, if you are an animal lover, you will want to offer them the best life you possibly can and if that is not your case then you should  consider not owning one )
  5.  You have to be aware that raising a puppy takes a lot of time. So be sure you have that.
    1. You have to decide on the breed as well. There are many sources you can access to identify the breed that suits your personallity.
  6. If you own another pet, make sure the two of them will get along (at least try). You don’t want conscientious conflicts in your household. It is not good for them, it is not good for you.
  7. It would be great for you (and for others if you don’t live alone) not to have any kind allergies that can bother your relashionship with your new friend.
  8. And the most important one : Do not hurry! Take your time on the process to make sure you do the right decision for you and for your puppy.

OK, now that you know what are you looking for, here are some personal experiences that I had after Zoey arrived in our lives. If you are an animal lover and you have never had a chance to own a dog it means you will definitely know that feeling of desesperation to own one. Once we moved together, my partner and I decided to buy a labrador. We decided to own a puppy of that breed because we all know that neighbour that goes out with their labrador for a walk and they look so adorable and cute. Just walking around and playing safely with the children. Ooh putting it like that it seems like the perfect choose. Don’t get me wrog it really is a perfect chose but not everything is like that.We also looked for other breeds but we needed one with short thread, friendly and caring. We felt like that would be a perfect companion for us. And it is, but…

These are the things that I’ve learned after owning her :

  1. Labradors are very unsettled in the first years of life and maybe even after that. I love that she is like that but sometimes it can be tiring and can cause you a lot of troubles, especially if you go with them in some public places
  2. It doesn’t matter that she has a short thread she leaves as much hair as the other dogs
  3. They destroy everything. And trust me is not only my dog that does that. The Labradors especially.
  4. Get them a proper trainer. For one reason or another we always started a training program, but we ended up abandoning it. And now we pay for this mistake when we try to be impressive and she quarrels with us.
  5. They eat everything that goes in there mouth. God knows how worrying this can be sometimes.
  6. The first 3-4 nights I did not sleep at all. I expected it to be like that, but we always thought that with us things will go different. It was not. And it will never be. All puppies are the same in the first few days because you break them apart from their family. And it’s normal for them to feel like that.
  7. (Not necessarily good for him / her) We kept Zoey in the house for up to 6 months because she arrived in our lifes at the end of November so I (obviously) felt afraid of leaving her alone in the cold. She would have been just fine. Believe me, it’s not good for them because they don’t get to change their thread at the proper time and it is not good for you as well to deal with all the chaos in the house (especially if you have a job).
  8. You need to make sure you fin a good doctor for them. It make a whole lot of difference when you have someone who can advice you properly about what works best for your puppy.

But I regret nothing! I am so happy with her.  She also thought me some pretty amazing things too:

  • I learned what unconditional love means
  • I felt on my skin what a gentle look can do for your soul when you’re down
  • Winter would not be the same without those traces in the snow and a chirstmassy hat over those soft ears
  • Now I know what it means to sleep with someone who does not get away from you and believe me when I say that is one of the greatests feelings
  • I learned what it feels to miss your companion. I think all the time about what it would be like if she were with me

And I also learned some pretty funny things about labradors :

  • They just can’t sit properly. They’ll always glide in one side or the other.
  • 90% of the time they sleep on their back in a very funny position.
  • They don’t drink water like other dogs would normally do it.
  • If you ask for a kiss you will end up soaked.
  • They can get very jealous.
  • The expresion of thei face is like an open book.
  •  And maybe the most important thing is that I now know how dependent they are with us.

So on a veeery shorter version, this is what I’ve found important to know before having Zoey and that thing I’ve learned from and about her.

I really hope you enjoyed this type of post and that you’ve found it useful or at least interesting. Keep in mind that these are the things that I’ve experienced so that might not be everyones case.

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I’m so happy that you visited my blog, that you read my posts and I hope I will see you again here soon.