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I have been dealing with acnee for almost 4 years now. So when I sat down to write this article it wasn’t so difficult for me to talk freely about it because I kind of got used to it. But I also know that is not everyone’s case, I was in the same place not long ago. I wanna share my experience with you in this post because I know how much every single oppinion/experience that you hear or read may impact the way you are fighting with your acnee.

I was about 15 years old when my spots firstly got crazy. Thinking about it now, it seems even funny but back then that seemed to be like the world was falling apart. First time I thought that I was getting spots because of my period but as the time passed by I realized something was wrong. Obviously, being a teenager you probably think that this will be your biggest problem. It is not. I didn’t wanted someone to see me like this and instead of trying to get help or letting my parents book me to a dermatologist I started using makeup. It was soo tiring because I had to wake up way earlier than everybody else, I wasn’t really enjoing it at that moment but I was feeling that hidding it will make it disappear too. Wrong, again. The real problem wasn’t really about me doing makeup, it was the fact that I was using my money to buy it so it wasn’t the best quality let’s say. Putting so much crap on my face just made it worst. Until the point I wasn’t getting out of the house without makeup. Not even when I wnet swimming or taking out the bin.

That was the moment when I’ve decided to go to a dermatologist… I have seen about 7-8 dermatologists. I also have tried like 50 acnee products and I spent a mini fortune trying to get a “solution” for “my problem”. That was what I was thinking, that I had a problem. Obviously me trying to find a ” cure ” wasn’t working because I was not having a problem. Dealing with acnee is such a common hormonal reaction especially  when you are a teenager. It just went from bad to worst. Because none of the products I have tried really did much of a difference and all the doctors have given me all the expensive treatmenst they had,  so I decided I was going to hide my acnee with makeup until it is gone.

It wasn’t much of a problem because as I was growing older I fell in love with makeup and I became a makeup ” addict “. The years past by with me doing my makeup every single morning, in every single place I went and not going anywhere without it. I am 20 now. My priorities and my obligations are different. I go to university, I live with my boyfriend, I have a house and a dog to take care of and I am trying to get a job. I’ve started to appreciate more my free time and my late mornings. This way gradually makeup wasn’t anymore the first thing on my list in the morning. Also, as the years passed by I have learned how to be much more confident in my skin and not to care about anything that people thing about me. Because if someone likes you , that’s for your soul not for your face. Slowly, slowly I started to have no makeup days and it felt amazing. I also started to go to the nearest shop without makeup, then at the grocery store, then to the mall until the point I am now, that if I don’t wanna wear make up I just don’t and that is fine. I think  most of my progress with dealing with acnee it is thank to the love and support that my boyfriend gave to me. From the moment he met me he never, never stared at my face, had a bad thing to say about my acnee, care if I wasn’t wear makeup. He always said that he loves me the way I am, that he definately preferes me without a “mask”. I am confident when I say that I couldn’t do it without him.

Don’t get me wrong, I love make up and I still use it probably every single day but now I am brave enought and confident enought to not wear makeup if I don’t feel like it and I am capable of going out in public without the fear of people staring at me. Because if you struggle with acnee, the sad thing is that people stare at you when you talk, walk, breath, no matter what are you doing they stare at you. And maybe even laugh. That is the worst part to embrace, especially if you just started dealing with acnee. I get you. It takes so much self love and braveness to embrace something like that. So if you have done it, well great job, and if you are still trying, don’t give up. It is not impossbile. We were all where you are and we survived.

The funny thing is that know that I really don’t care about my acnee and not see it as a bad thing, it really starts to fade away. So I really thing your mind condition matter soo much too. Now that autumn is almost here I’ve pulled myself together and I’ve decided that at some point during autumn/winter I am going to have a peeling done. Because, for the past year, the only thing that stands up on my face are the scars, not the spots. So I’m going to give that a got even if I have to confess I am a little bit scared, but I can’t back down now. I want to do this because even if now it doesn’t bother me when people look or when I look in the mirror, I would lie to say that I wouldn’t want to get rid of the scars. Now that I don’t really get spotty and even if I do they disappear in 2-3 days I would like to have a no-scars face. And if it doesn’t work, that fine aswell.

So on a short note this is my history and my current situation when it comes to my face. My skin routine is basic and affordable too. I don’t wanna spend a fortune on products anymore because I have found the ones that work best for me, drugstore or highend. For taking of my makeup I use the Elmiplant Skin Control( I wash my face off  with that twice). I tend to use non-comedogenic products because they are the bes for acnee prone skin. Then I take some big cotton pads because they are easier to use and I pour some Avene Micellar Lotion for sensitive skin or the Biphase Lait Demaquillant on them and wipe my face and my neck. To make sure everything is clean I re-wash my face with the Granier Pure Active gel . After that I dry my face with a clean towel I use just for my face. The face cream I am using is a Paula’s Choice Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA one. It is soo good and feels soo light on the skin. I love it. When I have some spots I do put some Eryfluid  (you can get that in pharmacy) on them and the next day they are almost gone.

So this it. Quick and simple. I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or if you want to share with us your experience, feel free to leave a comment. I wanna remind you aswell that this is not a paid post.

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