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And cheers to the blonde ones who are reading this. It is officially spring here and I couldn’t be more excited ! Finally all the wind, the cold, boots and warm coats are gone for good ! So I’m saying hello to a new wardrobe but that’s another theme yet to come. P.S Stay around for a spring look book soon.

Let’s talk about hair !

About aprox 2 weeks ago I treated myself with new blonde highlights and just let me tell you. I love them ! But not everything was as pink and bright as it looks right now. I had a really bad experience with this change at first, wich I am about to tell you. Right now. Because I feel like I should share this with everyone that’s out there wanting to do this same step.

Last year, in may, I decided to make this same step, to go from medium brown hair to 90 % blonde. I went to a ” famous ” salon in my town and got the perfect ” Instagram ” hair. Paid a lot, like a lot. But I didn’t regret though, but it for sure made a point in my mistake from this year. A year passed by, and as you can imagine my blonde fade out, grown, etc. Enough was enough. My old hairdresser ( from 3 years ago ) recently came back to town. And even though I remembered that she wasn’t quite the best one, I hopped it was a good decision to go back to her. The prices (back then) were quite good so it was a perfect fit. Something inside me was scared and I should have listened to my instincts.

But I didn’t… All I knew was that I din’t want yellow bits. I was tired of that ” gold ” kind of blonde. I wanted something more cooled toned. That was all. After 3 hours of hopping that everything is going to be alright, when she finally revealed the result, I was in shock.

My hair has never looked as bad as it was in my whole life. It was all yellow and the ends were white and had a tint of blue. Blue…  Beside that, my ends were burned ! My whole hair was destroyed. I was in shock, I couldn’t say a thing. That was for sure not the ” Instagram ” blonde I was hopping for. I paid a ridiculous amount of money ( the prices were not the same, ironically) and jumped in my car, crying. I know now I shouldn’t have paid a penny. But in that instance, I didn’t even know what to do. All I wanted to do was to go home and cry.

I even started to doubt myself, my choices, my desire to make a change. That’s not good. You should never doubt your desires. If you really want to make a change, especially when it comes to hair, just go for it and don’t let anything bring you down. Not even an awful first result.

After a long sessions of crying, my boyfriend made me call the hairdresser who did my hair back in may 2017 and make an appointment. Neither less to say that all the way up to the day of my 2nd appointment I haven’t taken my hair down of my bun. I tried to hide it in all the ways possible.

Long story short, after some shocking reactions from the other hairdresser and hours and hours of hard work my hair was finally the one I wanted it to be. A perfect balayage with no yellow tones. The price was …. let’s just say it was way over the budget but it was totally worth it. The blonde highlights are now looking very natural, they blend in very well, all in all a great job.

So I have put together my 4 must rules when it gets to hair:

  1. Do your research !

  2. Have the budget ( invest for good results ) !

  3. Trust your guts (instincts ) !

  4. Don’t doubt your choices !

Now that my hair is finally as I wanted it to be, next thing is to take really good care of it. So I am paying more attention on blonde hair rules and trying out products for bleached/blonde hair only. I am going to make a list of products I tried recently, wich worked well for me. Just so that you have everything organized and clear.


At the moment I love two. The Garnier Botanic Therapy with almond/honey and propolis or I also use a pharmaceutical  one, Gerocossen, with argan oil. I find that almond/argan based products really work for my hair at the moment. Both have a great foamy formulation wich leaves my hair really clean and smooth, without any greasy parts.


The one I really enjoy using is the LoncolorExpert Intensive Color Protect. I used to never try Loncolor products. Until I decided to give this one a go. I am  glad I did it. This is amazing. It has such a sleek and soft formula and the hair remains exactly the same. Even after blow drying it, I find that it just stays well put without getting frizy.

Silver Shampoo:

A must ! I used to go always for the Osmo silverising one, it was really great but it dried my hair after each use. So I decided to try a Swiss O-Par product. The  It is a mask/treatment for blonde hair.It has the same effect as the shampoo. The only difference is that this doesn’t dry my hair, if anything, it gives an extra of smoothness. So far so good.


Heat protection & Oils :

A heat protection product is great for any type of hair but when you are a blonde, it becomes a must. You will want to protect it from everything that can cause damage. I use the Syoss Keratin Heat one wich protects up to 230 degrees Celsius. It basically means it protects your hair from almost every hair tool. It works great for me, as I only need to cut my hair every 4-5 months.

Oil wise, I always used to buy the Syoss one wich had great results but was way too thick. Recently I have discovered this  Farcom Seri argan oil one and I love it. It is very light in consistency so you won’t feel it on the hair and it makes your split ends fade away. Great product, I am at the end of the second bottle and for me that is quite something.

Other tips and tricks :

  1. Do not wash your blonde hair with warm water. Try to use a medium/colder temperature of the water. This will help with maintaining  your pigment.
  2. Dry your hair slowly at the lowest heat step.
  3. Don’t brush your wet hair. It will help your ends not to split.
  4. Don’t use cotton sheets. Try silky ones.
  5. Tie your hair up very loose when you sleep.
  6.  Try not to use heat tools more than 1/2 times a week.
  7. Have a hair mask 2 times a week, a moisturizing one or one for bleached hair.

Having blonde hair is amazing but it does mean you have to take extra care of it and a little extra money. But keep this in mind : Everything is possible when your a blonde !

So this is actually it for this hair update post. I look forward on reading your opinion in the comments or on social media. Let me know if you enjoy these kind of posts or if you would like me a much more in depth one about a certain product/topic you are interested in. Just let me know and we’ll figure something out. From now on the posts are back on track !

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I really hope you enjoyed this one and I will see very soon, same place.