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Welcome back to the blog. If you guys haven’t read my latest post, you should definitely check it out because these two are kind of related. So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am a Valentine’s day kind of person. My reasons were already told so I am not going to ramble again about that. Previously, I have talked you through my top blog post ideas, Valentine’s related, and I promised I am going to do a much ” in depth ” post about each one of them. Now, the internet is full with so many great ideas and tutorials, from where you can get inspired. Therefore, it is no point of me writing a 10 pages article about each one of those. That is why, I have decided to share my ” best of all” with you guys.

So without further ado, let’s get into it :

1. Be original. Cook for your date.

The first point on my list is cooking. Now, if you ask me, I really think that actually making an effort and trying to cook something makes a whole lot of difference. Of course that going to a fancy date is cute and romantic but so is a home cooked meal. And I am not speaking necessarily about a complete meal, breakfast will do too. In case you are a ” master chef ” and you really know what you’re doing, then go ahead and well done. But if you are just a lover, who wants to impress their partner, you can’t go wrong with breakfast in bad. Pancakes, fruits, coffee or a toast and you are good to go. And if I am completely honest, I tend to go for that as well.

2.  A  must ( movie ) to see on your special night.

I have already spoken about the movie aspect as a sneak peak in my latest post , so I am going to jump directly at number 3. If you are interested in this one though, you will need to go and give it a look. I am sure you’ll love it.

3. A good wine needs knowledge.

If you ask me, you can’t just go ahead and serve some random wine to your partner. First of all, wine is the key to a good dinner and secondly, you need to know what you’re doing. That it why I always give a  “heads up ” to anyone who thinks that this  wine ” business ” doesn’t matter. It does! And a lot… It means you respect the other one enough to have made your research and to choose the best fit it could possibly exist. That will say so much about you as person. So keep an eye open for that!

4.Crafty gifts for the heart.

Getting creative is my favorite part. I have always loved a handmade gift. I find those very personal and sweet because it takes a whole lot of work to get them well. As I said before, there are hundreds of great blogs/websites were you can find your inspirations from, but if I had to choose one handmade gift, either to give to someone or receive, I personally would always choose a card. I am a sucker for those. A handmade card says more to me than any other gift. It is that gift were you can lay your heart out on paper and speak free. And if you made it or customize it yourself, you won me!

5. Does this night give you courage ?

We all know those really cute couples that got engaged over Valentine’s day. And although I think this technique is quite a predictable way, it is still very romantic. Of course, there are many ways to come through over Valentine’s day. You can declare your love for the first time, you can do something spontaneous, you can flirt with that certain someone that you like, etc. You just need the perfect moment to do something you never thought you’ll do. And love makes everything possible.

6. Take his breath away.

This is more a subject for women. Wanna know why? Because you’ll always take his breath away with that sexy dress you just bought or the underwear that you put aside for this particular night. Around this time of the year, you can find everywhere something sexy enough for you, for your comfort zone. Get that dress, put on those high heels, let that underwear ” slip ” out, etc. The most important thing is : Do not do this for anyone else except for you. Even if the title says “his” , you need to feel sexy in order to let him see that your special. Doll yourself up first of all for you! And you’ll see and feel the difference. Of course, it is not necessary to look a certain way to be special or to have your partner attention, but I really like those moments when you can go all out and bring the feminism back to power.

7. Road trip!

Now, for me, this is the favorite one. Combine everything I just wrote and put them all together over on a road trip. It is just that simple, you and him/her and your special destination. I think that all the couples do have a special destination they always go back to. But if you don’t , then be spontaneous and go somewhere you always wanted to go as a couple. Take your outfits out, have a nice dinner, some wine, watch a great movie, enjoy your little romantic ” get away “. What can be more perfect than that ? For me, at least, this is the goal.

Of course that every couple is different, they celebrate in different way and that’s making each one of them special. So don’t listen to anyone, not even me, go and do what ever you feel like doing. These are just my top goals when it comes to Valentine’s day. Although, sometimes a simple and pure ” I love you ” can melt your heart without any effort.

I’m going to stop here, the rest is up to you. I am really looking forward to read all your reaction and thoughts, which I would love to see in the comment section, down bellow. I would also really love to know what are your plans for Valentine’s day? What are you up to ? Are you single and rockin’ it? Or if you are in a relationship, do you even celebrate Valentine’s day ?

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I really hope you enjoyed  this kind of post and I will see you very soon, same place. Have a great week and a special Valentine’s day!