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 Heads up, this post is going to focus on anxiety. I wasn’t going to put this up. Because it is not actually the kind of happy and joyful kind of post you are used to see here. Recently I uploaded a mental health related post and you guys really seemed to love it. I just thought that if I am going to make this a topic on my blog, then I have to stay true. I have to show you both of its sides. So today’s post will be more of a reassuring one, just to underline the fact that you are not alone. And neither am I now that…

Anxiety’s back….

Yeah, unfortunately for me this is not my best period. And it is funny/ironic because it was going really really well and I was living my life at its fullest. It is ironic because I am in one of my happiest periods of my life and I love what my life is turning into right now. That was when anxiety came… Honestly I think it came along with the stress for my exams. It all started with small panic moods, stress, overwhelming situations, which I am usually used with and then it got way worse.

It got to a point where I got chest pain, no sleep, serious panic attacks,etc. I even had to go on pills because I needed to rest in order to do my best on my exams. Don’t worry though, they are natural ones made of plants and they are made to relax your body. So, I made my way through those 3 weeks, thinking that once that is gone I’m gonna be back to normal.

But it decided to stay…

I finished my exams a week ago and my anxiety is still here. I still get panic attacks before I go to sleep, I am stressed, I always think that the worst thing is going to happen in every situation and all I do in a day, basically sums up to laying in bed and scrolling through social media. And that sounds nothing like me. I am usually the one who can’t just stay home. It seems like I just can’t find my motivation. Blogging is not that easy as it used to be, dressing up is a real task, going out doesn’t seem a good idea, etc. All I really do are the grocery shops and preparing the food. And ” all ” that, just because we kind of need it.

And I am annoyed about that. Because I had in mind this cute blog post idea about how well I am handling anxiety and how good I have been with it, about how great things turned out in my life, but now I am writing this. It is fine though. And I’m gonna tell you exactly why. Because this is the way this works.

This is how I handle it…


Some days I am up, some days I am down. This is just how it works guys. At least for me. And even if it is currently stopping me from the things I wanna do or making me waste my days laying in bed, I have developed a “defense strategy”. I learned how to fight it back. The most important thing I have learned is that I am not alone. I have my small group of special someones how are always there if I need them. This is one of the things you need to make sure you achieve : support. Even if you find it in one person only, it is enough to make you feel loved and not in the slightest alone.

Another thing that’s been working magic for me, is making sure I am aware that all of this, is just in my had. I have came to the realization of how powerful our minds can be and how live changing knowing how to use yours it is. You need to be aware that anxiety is all in your had. That is the reason why it is categorized as a mental issue. But do not panic, you are not a freak, or stupid or anything like it. You are completely normal and as special as everybody else. Keep that in mind, highlighted. Anxiety is something we don’t choose to have and is not something you can totally get rid of. Anxiety is something you learn to fight back and live with.

Take small steps…

Sometimes you’ll make progress, and that is when you have to learn to appreciate yourself and your hard work. But sometime you’ll fall and that is when you need to learn to get back up, to the real you. And if you take some time for yourself, you are not selfish. If you feel like slowing down a bit, you are still brave. The thing that is the most important when it comes to anxiety is to give yourself a ” thumbs up ” every time you achieved a new goal.

Even if that goal is a small one, something that for others is basic routine , keep in mind that for you it is a huge step. Get out there and face your fears. It is not going to be easy, not at all, but it well feel really good after all.

Next update?

The reason I am writing this, is because I was afraid of what people might think. But I don’t care anymore. Because, if even one of you can related with what I just wrote, I am more then happy. If there is any of you that are struggling with anxiety and this helped you, at least to know that you are not alone, then it was all worth it. And if not, it helped me explore my boundaries and express how I feel.

I really hope that next time I write about mental health, it will be a different kind of content. I’ll make sure to work on it and I hope you will too. I am really looking forward to read all your reaction and thoughts, which I would love to see in the comment section, down bellow.

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I really hope you enjoyed  this kind of post and I will see very soon, same place. Do not forget : Anxiety can’t bring you down !