About me…

Hello peeps 🙂

Honestly ? I’m just a 20 year old “woman” who likes to talk. A lot. About everything that I feel passionate about.

I’ve always hesitated to create this blog but here I am after almost 1 year writing my first article. About who I am. The most difficult one.

There are so many topics I feel passionate about, but I managed to compres them in 5 main categories: TRAVELLING, LIFESTYLE, BEAUTY, FASHION ,CULINARY  and many other smaller ones . These are the ones that would describe myself most shortly and most accurate. Everything else you will find out through my posts. I’m gonna try to do my best.


I created MyUnisphere to put myself out there and to meet people who think and feel like I do. But I also wanted to create a small corner on the internet where you can find an honest opinion, an idea or just some entertainment . Thus there is MyUnisphere.  It is about a suitable universe for everyone. A place where you can choose which subject you want to talk about and what you want to read.

This blog literally describes the world seen through my eyes.

I am so nervous but I’m also so excited because I wanted this to happen for so long and I know that no matter what happens I will be proud I did it. Because there is one life motto that I really like : “ Fail. Fail again. Fail better. “ Samuel Beckett

I don’t want this section of the blog to be too long so I’ll get straight into it. I will post every Tuesday and Thursday. Just to get out of the rutine. And if there is at least one article that you find interesting, I am more than happy.

So without further ado , welcome to MyUnisphere !

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